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From the category archives: Millennial Generation

Millennial Generation

Five Reasons Why Millennials Are Great for the Construction Industry

  As we move into the New Year, we often set goals that we think can improve our daily lives. This might mean moving to a new city, starting a new job or finding ways to sneak in time at the gym during our busy 9 to 5 lives. But for many people—especially millennials—they aren’t looking for a major change, but simply an improvement such as defining and establishing a path to meaning and success in their current position.

Fortune Lists ABC Members on 100 Best Places to Work For Millennials

  In its inaugural list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, Fortune magazine listed eight ABC member companies representing 24 ABC chapters as the best-of-the-best workplaces for young professionals. Administered by Great Place to Work Institute, more than 90,000 millennial employees from 465 companies nationwide were surveyed in order to select the top 100 winners.

7 Ways to Turn Your Employees into Leaders

  Organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage in their industry and increase their bottom-line metrics can look to investing in one thing—their people. In fact, a study titled “Global Leadership Forecast” cited that “companies with quality leaders are 13 times more likely to outshine the competition.” The same study also found that only 18 percent of responders reported strong bench strength, meaning they believe only 1 in 5 leaders can meet their future needs. Instead of waiting to see which employees become leaders, create an environment that develops them into the leaders they need to be.

Building the Construction Workforce with the Younger Generation

  How do you think the construction workforce is growing?  Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial; do you think the industries are hiring, retaining or training the amount of people to support the consistent growth?  The realistic answer is no. The skilled craft shortage is a popular topic among all industries today and most companies struggle with finding the right strategies to train and retain craft professionals. There is, however, one aspect that companies struggle with the most—attracting young craft professionals. 

Five Ways to Develop and Retain Young Professionals

  It’s no secret that companies are facing generational gaps within their workforce, inside and outside of the construction industry. It is important to understand this challenge and promote ways for young professionals to continue developing into high-performing employees and leaders. Retaining the younger generation entering the workforce can be done effectively and without making a large financial investment. 

An Inside-Look at the Generational Gap in the Workplace

  With the generational gap looming over almost every industry, there is a lot of talk about how to understand the millennial generation in order to retain them as employees and avoid losing money that has been invested in them. While some differences are obvious, such as the attachment to technology and communication styles, the issues that really drive Millennials to believe in a company and remain loyal lie within the difference in opinion relating to intention of the company and leadership styles.