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Young Professional Spotlight: Brooke Wenger

  Brooke Wenger is the Business Development Leader for the Eastern Region of Triad Engineering, Inc., a multi-discipline engineering firm with offices across the mid-Atlantic region.  She earned her Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Management degree from Penn State University. As an active member of ABC Cumberland Valley Chapter (CVC), Brooke contributed to the formation of their Young Professionals Group and serves as chair. Brooke is a participant of the ABC National Business Development Peer Group. She is also President of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). 

Building the Construction Workforce with the Younger Generation

  How do you think the construction workforce is growing?  Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial; do you think the industries are hiring, retaining or training the amount of people to support the consistent growth?  The realistic answer is no. The skilled craft shortage is a popular topic among all industries today and most companies struggle with finding the right strategies to train and retain craft professionals. There is, however, one aspect that companies struggle with the most—attracting young craft professionals. 

Five Ways to Develop and Retain Young Professionals

  It’s no secret that companies are facing generational gaps within their workforce, inside and outside of the construction industry. It is important to understand this challenge and promote ways for young professionals to continue developing into high-performing employees and leaders. Retaining the younger generation entering the workforce can be done effectively and without making a large financial investment. 

Biggest Headaches with Proposals

  Recently Brand Constructors lead a webinar discussion entitled the "9 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals." One of the most painful conversations came from our point of not having a process. When you're working on a proposal, you should not have to reinvest your process like you've never done a proposal before. Not having a process breeds chaos, last minute panics, and creates mistakes. 

Business Development Goes Beyond You

  One of the most common mistakes a company can make in their in business development model is to assign one single individual to hold all responsibility. Statistically, only 5 to 7 percent of professionals in the business development community are natural “rainmakers,” capable of being the driving force behind continued sales and growth. Those few were born with the natural style, tendency, contacts, and negotiation skills that most others lack. For the rest of us, it takes strategic planning, long nights, and early mornings to acquire those skills, and for a company, it takes teamwork and utilizing the strengths of each employee, rather than just one individual.

Young Professional Member Receives Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Award

  During their annual “Toast the New Year” event on Jan. 8, the ABC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter honored National Young Professional Committee member, David Turcios with their “Member of the Year” award. The award recognizes a member’s outstanding contribution to the advancement of the principles and practices of the merit shop philosophy.

Tips for Creating Your Personal Brand

  Unless you have been living under a rock, it is virtually impossible for you to have escaped the barrage of social media sites that have popped up all over the web. Most company websites include links to their respective social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, just to name a few.  While companies realize the importance of having a presence in these areas, professionals often overlook the importance of marketing themselves in the same manner.

Primetime – Establishing a Respectfully Efficient Company Atmosphere

  Despite the extensive outlining and scheduling standard to any facet of construction, very little goes according to plan. Most to-do lists go right out the window which can send the rest of the day into disarray. The solution is often to begin an email string of questions or have an impromptu meeting to find a solution. These types of unexpected tasks can create roadblocks to maintaining an efficient organization, but there are ways to counter workplace habits and increase productivity through time management.

An Inside-Look at the Generational Gap in the Workplace

  With the generational gap looming over almost every industry, there is a lot of talk about how to understand the millennial generation in order to retain them as employees and avoid losing money that has been invested in them. While some differences are obvious, such as the attachment to technology and communication styles, the issues that really drive Millennials to believe in a company and remain loyal lie within the difference in opinion relating to intention of the company and leadership styles.

Young Professional Spotlight: Stacey Ehring

For more than 10 years, Stacey Ehring has been a part of the commercial construction industry and is currently the Business Development Specialist for Shapiro & Duncan, a commercial heating & air-conditioning company based out of Maryland. In addition to her position at Shapiro & Duncan, Ehring is the chair for ABC Metro Washington’s marketing committee, is active in ABC’s National Young Professional Program’s Business Development Peer Group and is working toward her masters in marketing management.