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From the monthly archives: July 2014

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YP Member Spotlight - Michael Browning

Mike Browning works in business development for Cobb Hill Construction in Concord, N.H., also handling their social media presence. He is active in the ABC New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter where he helped to found the chapter's young professionals group in which he currently serves as the chairman.

Your Differentiation Varies

  If you've read anything regarding brand marketing or modern business development tactics, you are probably familiar with the term "differentiation". It is simply educating your clients and prospects about why you are a better fit for them over your competition. Usually, when marketers speak about differentiation, they are usually speaking about your company's universal differentiation to use in your marketing materials. Your differentiation will vary from prospect to prospect because the needs and wants of each prospect will vary. Also, they will weigh each factor differently then the next prospect. For some, they care about speed while others care more about quality or sustainability.