In an article published on Mashable, we hear a story about a young professional trying to make it in the national security industry and their challenge with managing older employees who were constantly asking “How old are you?” The article gives six great tips for navigating this sort of situation, which is often seen in the construction industry.

Here’s a brief outline of the six tips:
  1. Be an effective communicator: Know when to listen and when to share. 
  2. Value your staff: Identify their unique talents and strengths, and look for ways to incorporate their opinions. 
  3. Focus on results, not the process: Each person has a different set of needs that must be met in order to thrive. 
  4. Be prepared to answer the age question
  5. Become a source of stillness: If you are chaotic and unsure of yourself, your staff will pick up on it. If you can be a source of stillness, calm, and reason for your team, your age won’t matter.
  6. Seek respect, not approval
Read the full column and see more of the reporters tips here.