When a company is looking for new apps, there are two types of solutions an app provides.

  • “Point Solution” app: has a singular function that accomplishes one task. For example: there are apps that take photos, create safety reports, or view plans.
  •  “Integrated Solution” app: has multiple functions that communicate with other systems. For example: most financial software systems coordinate employee time, billings, and rental items.
When starting a Mobile Device Program or revising a current one, you must look at and evaluate these two app styles and determine the following:
  1. What you are trying to accomplish with the app.
  2. How will the app communicate with other apps.
  3. Where does the data from the app need to be stored.
For an example of these app styles, and to read more about the difference between the two, visit the full blog post on The Construction App Guru blog.

This post is a part of a series by The Construction App Guru who runs a blog which offers mobile technology advice for the construction industry. The author is a Risk Manager for a construction firm based out of Georgia who is on a mission to educate the construction industry about the uses for new technology on projects.