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Reducing Uncertainty and Improving Performance with BIM

  In a recent report, McGraw Hill Construction discusses the top causes of uncertainty in construction projects and their effects on the schedule and cost of the projects. Once the top causes were identified, the report dives into ways an entire team from the owner, to the architects and the contractors can improve performance.

7 Mobile Apps for Critical Construction Calculations

  These seven mobile apps from Stevens Construction Institute, Inc., are designed to help with important calculation on a construction site including field productivity, cost-to-complete, overhead cost application, return on investment and more. All of the apps are available for under $25 and can be purchased on both Android and Apple devices.

Mobile Device App Strategy -Part 3

  In this Mobile Device App Strategy post, the Construction App Guru blog looks into the pros and cons of both point and integrated solutions with the Founder of Raken, Kyle Slager.

Mobile Device App Strategy -Part 2

  After looking at an example of a “point solution” app, the Construction App Guru is giving a look into the other app style, Integrated Solutions.

Mobile Device App Strategy - Part 1

  When a company is looking for new apps, there are two types of solutions an app provides.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site – Part 4

  This week’s post will cover the use of the mobile field management app, FieldLens and the benefits of using a different platform that creates a collaborative platform to discuss project issues through photos.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site – Part 3

  Finding solutions to improve our photo processes from the old way of digital camera to computer upload are much easier to come by if industry professionals utilize the mobile apps created for this purpose specifically.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site – Part 2

  In a second iPad pilot project, three superintendents working on a large apartment project needed a way to stay up-to-date with all of the changes that the owners made during the construction process.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site - Part 1

  In the new world of mobile device technology, many construction companies have field staff taking pictures of project milestones, safety hazards, and work defects. These photos are taken on smartphones and tablets, a few still use digital cameras, perhaps a few even still have an old Polaroid in use. But what is the “best” way to accomplish this process? There is no simple answer to this question; each company has a unique set of scenarios to factor into their method.