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YP Member Spotlight - Erik Timmons

Erik Timmons is a member of the ABC National Young Professional Committee. He has helped shape the ABC’s National Young Professional program and is active in the ABC Pacific Northwest Chapter. He currently works for Yorke & Curtis General Contractors in Beaverton, Ore. 

Facebook Campaign Supports Craft Training

  In an effort to raise funds for the Trimmer Construction Education Foundation and ABC’s National Craft Championships, Construction Executive magazine is donating $1 for every new “like” on its Facebook page throughout the month of April.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site – Part 4

  This week’s post will cover the use of the mobile field management app, FieldLens and the benefits of using a different platform that creates a collaborative platform to discuss project issues through photos.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site – Part 3

  Finding solutions to improve our photo processes from the old way of digital camera to computer upload are much easier to come by if industry professionals utilize the mobile apps created for this purpose specifically.

The First Thing You Need to Know about Branding

  Branding is a term many people throw around loosely, so it is commonly misunderstood. First off, your company’s logo is not your brand. Your company’s brand is the experience that comes to people’s mind when they hear or see your company name. Your logo is the visual representation of that experience, but your brand is so much more than your logo. 

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site – Part 2

  In a second iPad pilot project, three superintendents working on a large apartment project needed a way to stay up-to-date with all of the changes that the owners made during the construction process.

Mobile Photo Apps for the Construction Site - Part 1

  In the new world of mobile device technology, many construction companies have field staff taking pictures of project milestones, safety hazards, and work defects. These photos are taken on smartphones and tablets, a few still use digital cameras, perhaps a few even still have an old Polaroid in use. But what is the “best” way to accomplish this process? There is no simple answer to this question; each company has a unique set of scenarios to factor into their method. 

5 Rookie Networking Fails and How to Avoid Them

  Whether you’re a young professional or an industry veteran, networking is a key to advancing your career and making a name for your company. In an article from entrepreneur.com, the author takes a look at five networking fails listed below, why they aren’t helping you and ways to correct your approach. 

20 Pieces of Advice for Young Professionals

  PR Daily, a resource for public relations professionals, published an article called 20 Pieces of Advice Every Young Professional Should Know. While the blog is mostly geared towards communications professionals, this post has addressed things that most young professionals are aware of, but many often forget to make a priority. Do you agree with the 20 “things” listed below? 

YP Member Spotlight - Zak Wolpert

As the chairman of the National Young Professional Committee, Zak Wolpert is dedicated to helping ABC develop the future of construction. He currently works for Kinsley Construction in York, Pa. and is active in the ABC Keystone Chapter’s young professional group.
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