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The Experience Matters Most

  Many times when I talk about your customers' experiences in construction to an older professional, their eyes start to roll into the back of their head, or they tell me that is just for consumer stuff like retail stores and restaurants. Well, it is for B2B (Business-to-Business) companies too, including construction companies. 

6 Tips for Managing People Who Are Older Than You

  In an article published on Mashable, we hear a story about a young professional trying to make it in the national security industry and their challenge with managing older employees who were constantly asking “How old are you?” The article gives six great tips for navigating this sort of situation, which is often seen in the construction industry.

YP Member Spotlight - Michael Browning

Mike Browning works in business development for Cobb Hill Construction in Concord, N.H., also handling their social media presence. He is active in the ABC New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter where he helped to found the chapter's young professionals group in which he currently serves as the chairman.

Your Differentiation Varies

  If you've read anything regarding brand marketing or modern business development tactics, you are probably familiar with the term "differentiation". It is simply educating your clients and prospects about why you are a better fit for them over your competition. Usually, when marketers speak about differentiation, they are usually speaking about your company's universal differentiation to use in your marketing materials. Your differentiation will vary from prospect to prospect because the needs and wants of each prospect will vary. Also, they will weigh each factor differently then the next prospect. For some, they care about speed while others care more about quality or sustainability. 

Mobile Device App Strategy -Part 3

  In this Mobile Device App Strategy post, the Construction App Guru blog looks into the pros and cons of both point and integrated solutions with the Founder of Raken, Kyle Slager.

Mobile Device App Strategy -Part 2

  After looking at an example of a “point solution” app, the Construction App Guru is giving a look into the other app style, Integrated Solutions.

Mobile Device App Strategy - Part 1

  When a company is looking for new apps, there are two types of solutions an app provides.

YP Member Spotlight - Martha Bracken

Martha Bracken has been with ABC for more than eight years and is the Vice President of the ABC Indiana/Kentucky Chapter. She also leads the chapter's Emerging Leaders program and works with the ABC Purdue Student Chapter. Martha graduated from Purdue University (West Lafayette Campus) with a degree in Liberal Arts and currently resides in Indianapolis, Ind. 

Content Marketing in Construction

  Content marketing is the new buzzword in the marketing industry and it is important for the younger generations to understand because you can grow your career by becoming an expert. You commonly see content marketing as a way for companies that work business-to-business (B2B), especially professional service firms including in the build industry, but it is still uncommon in construction. 

What is content marketing anyway? It is educating your prospects and positioning your company as the go-to company because you are the expert and a resource for your clients. When you are an expert, prospective clients seek you out and pay more for your services. This will allow you to earn more negotiated work and require less low-bid proposals. Sometimes, you do not have to compete at all because that prospect wants to work with you only. 

You Didn’t Lose That Proposal Because of Price

  Even if the prospective client TOLD you it was because of price, that isn’t the reason. You lost the work because you did not explain your value. Most likely, all the potential bids looked and sounded the same, leaving price as the only differentiator. By blending in with all of your competitors, you gave them no choice but to pick the cheapest option.