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Business Development

Biggest Headaches with Proposals

  Recently Brand Constructors lead a webinar discussion entitled the "9 Biggest Mistakes Construction Companies Make on Proposals." One of the most painful conversations came from our point of not having a process. When you're working on a proposal, you should not have to reinvest your process like you've never done a proposal before. Not having a process breeds chaos, last minute panics, and creates mistakes. 

Business Development Goes Beyond You

  One of the most common mistakes a company can make in their in business development model is to assign one single individual to hold all responsibility. Statistically, only 5 to 7 percent of professionals in the business development community are natural “rainmakers,” capable of being the driving force behind continued sales and growth. Those few were born with the natural style, tendency, contacts, and negotiation skills that most others lack. For the rest of us, it takes strategic planning, long nights, and early mornings to acquire those skills, and for a company, it takes teamwork and utilizing the strengths of each employee, rather than just one individual.