Chapter Resources

Chapter Resources 

Chapter staff can take advantage of resources to help support or grow their local Young Professionals program. Below are a few resources available including a discount to the National YP program, a guide for starting a local program, survey results on ABC chapter's YP programs across the country and more.

If there are other resources that could be of use to the chapters, please contact Mike Glavin,

If a chapter enrolls 10 or more young professionals together, those young professionals can access the participation fee at a discounted rate of $25/person. In addition, chapters that have an existing emerging leaders or leadership development program for which they charge an annual fee, can include ABC’s National Young Professional Program as an additional benefit of joining the chapter’s program by adding the discounted rate of $25/person to the chapter program fee.

Next Steps

1. Payment
  • Chapters with existing annual programs: Add $25 to the registration rate to the chapter’s Emerging Leader/Leadership Development Program fee.
  • Chapters with interested young professionals: Collect payment from 10 or more young professionals interested in joining the National program. 
2. Collect a registration form from each young professional the chapter wishes to enroll

3. Send the registration information and one collective check for $25/person to ABC National (Attn: Donna Puglisi)

The National Young Professional Committee created a guide to starting a Young Professionals Program at the chapter level and outlines forming a committee, recruiting young professionals, developing successful events and more. This can be used by chapter staff to start a program or can be handed off to members who want to form a committee.

Download the Starter Kit here.

This presentation goes through planning and best practices for Chapters with existing YP groups ready to go to the next level. This information was originally presented at the 2016 ABC Workforce Development Conference.

Download the presentation here.

Chapters can use this information to find ways in which the National Young Professionals Program supports chapter's programs and the overall association goals. They can also use this to educate their members on the benefits of joining the National Young Professionals Program.

View the PDF here.

35 chapters with Young Professional programs were surveyed and 23 responded. The following results were analyzed in Jan. 2015 and are broken down into two types of programs. 

  1. Chapters with a YP networking group which consists of open, ongoing groups that meet for educational, networking and community service events.
  2. Chapters with a formalized YP program, such as a leadership development or emerging leaders series, most of which include an annual fee and take place across a designated amount of time.

Young Professional Program Best Practices

Has your chapter completed a Young Professional program or event that stands out? Complete this best practice form and include a description of the event or project and you will be highlighted on the Young Professionals blog, On the Rise.


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