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35 Things You Should Do For Your Career By The Time You Turn 35

  In Mashable’s article outlining 35 pieces of career advice to think about before you turn 35, they point out the things you should know about your professional self by a certain point in your career. What’s your biggest weakness? Do you know how to delegate? Are you comfortable with getting feedback or saying the word ‘no’? Check out the list below and the full article on Mashable and start checking off all 35 items.

Metro Washington Young Professionals Honored with ABC Rising Star Awards

  Eleven young professionals from the ABC Metro Washington Chapter were honored at the chapter’s Rising Star Awards on Nov. 18 for their participation with ABC, involvement in supporting political advocacy efforts and their commitment to making the industry stronger. At the event, the chapter announced Victor Villavicencio of PCC Construction Components, Inc., as 2014 Rising Star of the Year.

Young Professional Spotlight: Michael Carpenter

As a project manager for an ABC member company in Alabama, B.L. Harbert, Michael Carpenter works on project planning and execution, providing proactive leadership in safety, enforcing contractual responsibilities and many more tasks. Joining the ABC National Young Professional program was a decision to help ensure project profitability and grow his business development strategies by learning from his peers and growing his network. The Q&A below gives a brief overview of his participation in the program and how it’s benefiting both him and his company.

ABC Member Spotlight - Ryan Glynn

Ryan is the Corporate QA/QC Manager for Starcon International, a full service mechanical contractor in the petrochemical industry, and has been working in the industry for over eight years. Ryan started as an intern with Starcon, and was hired on full-time in 2007 after graduating with a Construction Management degree from Western Illinois University. Ryan has held multiple roles with Starcon that has contributed to his development, such as Field Engineer, Estimator and Maintenance Superintendent.

ABC Cumberland Valley Chapter Launches "Generation Next"

  The ABC Cumberland Valley Chapter, located in Hagerstown, Md., recently launched their “Generation Next” young professional program with their first official event on Oct. 22. The event featured speaker Jamie Kline, a board member of the chapter and president of RDC Inc., a local electric company and member of the chapter. 

An Inconsistent Brand Costs Money

  Many people in construction think their brand should be managed by the lowest bid. They send out RFPs for the company's logo, website, newsletter, tradeshow, and all of their printing to ensure they're spending the least amount possible. It might be counter-intuitive, but doing this means you're shooting yourself in the foot. 

I discuss the cost of an inconsistent brand in my book, Construction Executive’s Guide to Brand Marketing. Here are two main reasons you don't want to use different, lowest bidders for each of your marketing materials:

YP Member Spotlight – Scott Cox

Scott Cox is a 4th generation Tampa native who grew up in the industry. He is currently the Director of Preconstruction at Cox Fire Protection, a member of the ABC Florida Gulf Coast and Florida First Coast Chapters. As a National YP committee member and a founder of the ABC Florida Gulf Coast NexGen program, Scott is a strong believer in mentorship and networking, and encourages his entire staff to both contribute to the professional development of young people in the industry, and to broaden their own personal and professional network.

Who Knows Your Differentiation?

You've probably heard that your company needs some type of differentiation to compete in today's construction market. By differentiation, I mean some characteristic or reasoning for a prospective customer to hire your company over another besides price – a competitive edge. Differentiation can be speed, expertise, location, attitude, or any number of things. 

YP Member Spotlight - David Turcios

David Turcios, surety bond specialist for Nielson, Wojtowicz, Neu & Associated in the Tampa Bay, Fla. area and currently serves as the chairman of the ABC Florida Gulf Coast Chapter’s programs & marketing committee and co-chairman of the membership committee. He joined the ABC National Young Professional Committee in July 2014.

7 Mobile Apps for Critical Construction Calculations

  These seven mobile apps from Stevens Construction Institute, Inc., are designed to help with important calculation on a construction site including field productivity, cost-to-complete, overhead cost application, return on investment and more. All of the apps are available for under $25 and can be purchased on both Android and Apple devices.