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From the monthly archives: April 2016

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Valuable Skills You Can Teach Yourself For Free

  In our jobs, we tend to take on roles and projects that might not normally come with our title. But knowing certain skills you don’t necessarily need to fulfill your role could help you execute your job more efficiently, expand your role into something bigger, and could be useful when you least expect it. Most of the time, we learn these one-off skills when something is thrown at us and we have to navigate our way through it on-the-job, but with the internet, we are able to get ahead and tackle these skills beforehand, setting us up for success when we do need them. Below are some skills to brush up on when you have free time and how you can do so on your own. Originally posted on Hubspot, they list 13 skills, but this article pulls out a few relevant to the construction industry. Like stated in the original article, the key is finding the educational material that's high quality enough to be worth your time, and this article provides you some resources that can help teach yourself these skills for free.