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From the monthly archives: August 2014

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7 Mobile Apps for Critical Construction Calculations

  These seven mobile apps from Stevens Construction Institute, Inc., are designed to help with important calculation on a construction site including field productivity, cost-to-complete, overhead cost application, return on investment and more. All of the apps are available for under $25 and can be purchased on both Android and Apple devices.

The Experience Matters Most

  Many times when I talk about your customers' experiences in construction to an older professional, their eyes start to roll into the back of their head, or they tell me that is just for consumer stuff like retail stores and restaurants. Well, it is for B2B (Business-to-Business) companies too, including construction companies. 

6 Tips for Managing People Who Are Older Than You

  In an article published on Mashable, we hear a story about a young professional trying to make it in the national security industry and their challenge with managing older employees who were constantly asking “How old are you?” The article gives six great tips for navigating this sort of situation, which is often seen in the construction industry.