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Valuable Skills You Can Teach Yourself For Free

  In our jobs, we tend to take on roles and projects that might not normally come with our title. But knowing certain skills you don’t necessarily need to fulfill your role could help you execute your job more efficiently, expand your role into something bigger, and could be useful when you least expect it. Most of the time, we learn these one-off skills when something is thrown at us and we have to navigate our way through it on-the-job, but with the internet, we are able to get ahead and tackle these skills beforehand, setting us up for success when we do need them. Below are some skills to brush up on when you have free time and how you can do so on your own. Originally posted on Hubspot, they list 13 skills, but this article pulls out a few relevant to the construction industry. Like stated in the original article, the key is finding the educational material that's high quality enough to be worth your time, and this article provides you some resources that can help teach yourself these skills for free.  

ABC Young Professionals Featured in Construction Executive

  For those of you who haven't seen this month's issue of Construction Executive, pick up your copy or head over to the digital version to see three of your fellow Young Professionals provide their perspectives on leadership and career advancement.  Scott Cox, Brooke Wenger and Jake Williams talk about stepping into a leadership role for the first time, the resources they've used to hone their skills, and the kind of leaders our industry needs to grow to succeed in the future.

If you are interested in showcasing your leadership, please make sure to check out ABC's Young Professional of the Year Award.  ABC's Young Professional of the Year will win a $1,000 cash prize, a plaque and a feature in Construction Executive magazine. All finalists will receive a free registration to the Young Professional Leadership Development Track during ABC's Leadership Week Nov. 10-12 in San Diego, Calif. 

Five Ways to Develop and Retain Young Professionals

  It’s no secret that companies are facing generational gaps within their workforce, inside and outside of the construction industry. It is important to understand this challenge and promote ways for young professionals to continue developing into high-performing employees and leaders. Retaining the younger generation entering the workforce can be done effectively and without making a large financial investment. 

35 Things You Should Do For Your Career By The Time You Turn 35

  In Mashable’s article outlining 35 pieces of career advice to think about before you turn 35, they point out the things you should know about your professional self by a certain point in your career. What’s your biggest weakness? Do you know how to delegate? Are you comfortable with getting feedback or saying the word ‘no’? Check out the list below and the full article on Mashable and start checking off all 35 items.

6 Tips for Managing People Who Are Older Than You

  In an article published on Mashable, we hear a story about a young professional trying to make it in the national security industry and their challenge with managing older employees who were constantly asking “How old are you?” The article gives six great tips for navigating this sort of situation, which is often seen in the construction industry.

20 Pieces of Advice for Young Professionals

  PR Daily, a resource for public relations professionals, published an article called 20 Pieces of Advice Every Young Professional Should Know. While the blog is mostly geared towards communications professionals, this post has addressed things that most young professionals are aware of, but many often forget to make a priority. Do you agree with the 20 “things” listed below?